eCommerce logistics

Fast, easy online order fulfillment

Take your freight needs even further with the addition of upgraded, scalable and customizable logistics solutions.

From first-mile pick-up to last-mile delivery, high volumes at high speeds to small orders handled with precision, a range of services can combine and complement your freight’s journey.

What we offer

Up-to-date advisory

eCommerce is popular and always innovating. Our experts keep on top of the latest trends and insights.

Total traceability

Keep tabs and know the status of cargo using a customizable digital platform to track and trace goods.

On-the-ground infrastructure

Offline logistics services like warehousing and handling crossborder complement the digital optimization.

One-off space-saving

If you have a big event connected with eCommerce coming up, our charter programs can put you at ease by providing more occupancy space.

Further benefits


eCommerce made easy with our intuitive digital platform plus automated selection and distribution solutions.


Our network of trusted providers make any type of freight solution available online.

Flexible returns
Flexible returns

Parcel returns plus quality control, disposals and repairs all handled by our experts and partners.