Hand carry

High quality delivery at your fingertips

If you have time-sensitive freight that requires added care and attention, we ensure it reaches its destination under strict supervision.

Hand carry gives freight a safe, prompt arrival. Your freight is personally in the care of dedicated staff who will manually bring it to their destination.

What we offer

Timely responses

A flexible and responsive support team is on-hand to handle challenges or inquiries.

Choose your speed

From deferred services to NFO, find the mode to match your urgency.

Accountable service

Enlist an on-board courier (OBC) for air freight or last mile personal delivery. Talk to us about the best way to assign people to your packages.

Always watching

Never lose sight of your order. Our customizable online platform allows you to track and trace your goods every step of the way.

Further benefits


By entrusting cargo with someone accountable, you can have faith that your goods are safe, secure and under control.


Our partners are longstanding, reliable and approved vendors. They take great measures to ensure goods are handled legally and responsibly.


24/7 servicing backed by access to real-time information to track the status of your freight.