Rail freight

Fast cost-effective surface transport

We can develop a dedicated rail-only service to Europe from selected Asia’s rail networks including China’s. For these routes we provide both full container and consolidated services.

Our Russian transit hub expertise can help streamline customs processes and optimize lead times. You can expect a transit time of 8 to 17 days.

What we offer

Dedicated services

Rail-only service if required.

Choice of origins

This service is now available from China and selected locations in Asia.

Flexible loading

Consolidated and full container services.

Asia/Europe solutions

Russian transit hub expertise plus streamlined customs processes and lead time.

Further benefits


Rail offers solutions for any size cargo. We’ll get your freight to your station.


We bridge the knowledge gap with our understanding of transcontinental and local rail links.

Eco friendly
Eco friendly

Rail produces far less CO2 emissions than air and ocean freight, and offers a better environmental profile.